Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is my order shipped?
A: We ship using USPS Priority Mail 2 to 3 day service. Your order is also tracked and insured.

Q: What happens if I am not happy with my Stone Oil Lamp?
A: If for any reason you are not happy, or if during shipping there is damage, just return your Stone Oil Lamp for a full refund or replacement.

Q: Do I need replacement wicks?
A: No. We use a permanent wick made of fiberglass which burns the vapor of the lamp oil off the top of the wick rather than down like a candle, so it never needs to be replaced.

Q: How do I fill my Stone Oil Lamp?
A: Each Stone Oil Lamp comes with instructions for filling, along with a funnel. Each of our Stone Oil lamps have at least one steel reservoir which will hold two ounces of lamp oil. A Stone Oil Lamp with four or more wicks will have two reservoirs each requiring two ounces of lamp oil. REMEMBER TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Remove one wick by pulling it slowly (along with the pyrex glass tube) out of the hole. Insert the funnel and pour the measured amount of lamp oil into the funnel.

Q: Where is the lamp oil stored inside the stone?
A: At least one steel reservoir has been installed on the bottom of each Stone Oil Lamp. This is a permanent reservoir that will not crack, leak or come off.

Q: Does the stone get hot?
A: No. The permanent wick is encased inside a Pyrex glass tube that has several functions. It keeps the heat from the flame centered around the tube so the base stays cool. Our Stone Oil Lamps may be placed on any surface without fear of heat damage. Also the pyrex glass tube allows the lamp oil to be wicked to the top without touching the stone. This allows for great burn time.

Q: How long with my Stone Oil Lamp burn for?
A: Each Stone Oil Lamp will average about 5 hours of burn time. When the Stone Oil Lamp will not light it’s telling you it’s empty and it is time to refuel.

Q: What type of lamp oil should I use, where can I purchase it?
A: We recommend Ultra Pure Smokeless/Odorless lamp oil. It can be purchased at K-Mart, Target, Publix (in Florida) and in some Home Depots.

Q: What comes with my Stone Oil Lamp?
A: With each Stone Oil Lamp you receive a funnel along with operating instructions designed just for your lamp.

Q: Where does the stone come from?
A: First and foremost all the Stone Oil Lamps are hand cut. They are not just flat pieces of rock with glass glued on. We hand cut Amethyst Crystal from 100lb chunks, and from 200-300lb boulders from Rainbow Rock from Arizona. This hand cutting assures you’re getting the best texture and color each stone has to give. We use a variety of diamond drills and saws to make sure your Stone Oil Lamp is a “one of a kind” that you will treasure.

Q: Besides the internet how else are the Stone Oil Lamps sold?
A: We also participate in some of the best Arts and Craft Shows in Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Click HERE to view our Show Schedule. As a family business which started over 12 years ago, we have participated in hundreds of shows and have met some of the best people our country has to offer.

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