Natural Stone Oil Lamps crafted in unique decorative, functional designs add a beautiful accent to your home, patio, or office. This collection of hand-cut, one-of-a-kind Stone Oil Lamps offer a soothing, tranquil energy wherever they're placed. Lamps are filled by removing the glass-lined wick and filling the specially designed reservoir at the bottom of the stone. We recommend 99%, ultra pure, paraffin lamp oil that burns sootless, odorless, and smokeless. The wicks are fiberglass with no need to trim or replace. When the flame goes out, refill, relight, and enjoy!
Amethyst Crystal Oil Lamps - (SOLD OUT thru Mid-Nov)
Amethyst Crystal Oil Lamps are hand-crafted from the most captivating, amazingly beautiful Brazilian Amethyst. Each oil lamp is mounted on a base of purple hued polished agate. Amethyst clusters, with their hundreds of crystals, sparkle like stars in the evening sky.

Price: $55.00 - (SOLD OUT thru Mid-Nov)
Large Amethyst Crystal Oil Lamps
Price: $75.00-120.00 (Call for Pricing)
Polished Agate Sun Catchers
Sugar like crystals bring out the extra ordinary pattern in this highly polished agate stone. Available in pink, blue, purple, teal and natural.
Price: $23.00
Price: $23.00
Sandstone Oil Lamps
Warm blends of Buckskin, Desert Rose and Shadow Gray, the colors of the Western Sunset.
3-Light Sandstone: $50.00

4-Light Sandstone: $65.00

6 & 9-Light Sandstone: $70.00-$95.00

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